Evan Karasick


Evan started the company in 1998 with a project for his hometown Vancouver Canucks. He saw the potential in an emerging industry and has since grown Channel 1 into a full-service digital marketing agency.

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Rick Amos

Vice President - Business Development

Rick's career started with the Toronto Blue Jays and later MLB giving him both a team and league perspective. He also worked for several marketing agencies before settling in with Channel 1.

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David Chisholm

Vice President - Operations

David spent his formative work years in the film industry, as a production manager. His über-efficient organizational abilities shined on such films as 'Cinderella Man', 'Kick Ass' and 'Charlie Bartlett'.

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Michael Chan

Creative Director

Michael has been with Channel 1 since 2002, making him one of the longest standing employees. With backgrounds in Computer Science and Graphic Design, he oversees both the technical and artistic teams.

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Steve Katzman

Vice President - Integrated Sales / Marketing

Steve has held several positions in sales & marketing with various NHL Clubs including the Oilers and Sabres. He has also worked for many national brands including Molson, Telus, and Tim Horton’s, experiencing Partnerships from both sides of the table.

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